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qualità dei profumi Gianluca Gariboldi

How Gianluca Gariboldi perfumes are born

In our eyes, quality has always represented an ideal to be inspired by, even before being a goal to be achieved. And when we speak of quality in a perfume we refer not to a simple product characteristic but to the result of an articulated and complex process, where nothing is left to chance.

Gianluca Gariboldi perfumes are fragrances of excellence in every detail, because the entire production reflects the perfumery craftsmanship of the old-fashioned tradition while employing the most modern technologies in the industry.

Perfume formulation

The emotion to be conveyed
The creation of a fragrance is a slow and complex process, always starting with an idea of the emotion that the scent should evoke.
The choice of essences
Once the basic idea is defined, we conduct a careful selection of essences and extracts that can evoke that emotion or feeling.
The search for balance
The raw materials identified are blended to produce small samples of test scents until the perfect balance of individual essences is found.
The birth of the fragrance
When we reach the exact combination in which each note can best express itself in symbiosis with the others, we create the fragrance that reflects the initial idea and move on to the product execution phase.

Fine fragrances for new olfactory experiences

Gianluca Gariboldi perfumes are born from a deep passion for perfume: the exploration of the mysterious and fascinating olfactory world gives shape to personal and refined fragrances, which combine traditional and special essences in an original way.

The quality of raw materials and preparations, in collaboration with specialized partners, is the basis of high-level perfumes, which reach our most primitive sense - the sense of smell - in the most authentic and direct way, without filters or mediations.

Fragrances for sensitive skin

The careful research behind the formulation of our fragrances has led us to identify new solutions for more careful and gentle products. The inclusion of silk proteins, a fibrous protein blend, makes alcohol more pleasant and gentle on the skin, softening its perception and effect.

Thanks to this ingredient with special moisturizing properties, combined with the exclusive use of high-quality alcohol for cosmetic products, our perfumes respect the skin's natural Ph without conditioning personal skincare.


Perfumes with special and refined fragrances

Amber, musk, wood, floral notes and exotic scents: from a refined selection of essences that can best express different and multifaceted characters, we have created unique fragrances with warm and persistent tones.
Niche fragrances, as authentic and direct as the impressions they evoke in all the senses.



Primary notes

Perceived within five minutes of dispensing, they are the most volatile. They contribute to the fragrance’s first impression, although they are the least persistent and, therefore, the first to evaporate after a few minutes. They are the introductory notes of a fragrance.

Seecondary notes

They are definitely consistent and enveloping notes perceptible after about twenty minutes from the first dispensing. The heart notes, more than the others, are those that awaken subjective feelings and emotional memories in the recipient. They have a medium persistence (two to four hours).

Tertiary notes

These are the notes that truly represent the character and soul of the perfume. They are very persistent notes: up to a full day from the first dispensing. They cannot be perceived immediately and evaporate very slowly.
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