Gianluca Gariboldi

Gianluca Gariboldi let himself be guided by his extraordinary passion for fragrances until he created his own.


Gianluca is a pharmacist, but only for those who don't know his soul and more personal inclinations. Since childhood, he has been developing and cultivating a silent but powerful passion for the world of essences, of scent sensations, and of the emotions derived from them. A constant search, through places, moments and scents, accompanies him from his home garden through long journeys across Italy, from which he returns enriched by the collection of raw materials from the places visited.

At 17, Gianluca leaves Europe to pursue his studies, overlooking another ocean, crossing the United States. Here his olfactory thirst is not quenched, but rather finds further impetus and inspiration, new smells and new essences.

The sense of smell is our most powerful and oldest sense.
The very first perception of the world we have as soon as we are born is olfactory, and throughout our lives a simple scent is able to reactivate emotions and awaken memories.

A lifelong dream: creating a personal perfume collection

Gianluca graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Pavia, directing his passion toward a professional horizon. His trove of sensory experiences and olfactory memories is constantly growing, also feeding on his love of beauty and knowledge of cultures, culminating in the creation of his first handcrafted essences.

Translating ideas and aspirations into a concrete project, Gianluca finally realizes his dream of making his own fragrances, where his passion for the olfactory world and a deep expertise in selecting and revisiting essences are found. This is how the Gianluca Gariboldi brand was born: refined and high-quality perfumes, inspired by the most authentic natural dimension, to be felt on the skin and by the nose without any filter with respect to the essences from which they originate.

Discover the exclusivity of Gianluca Gariboldi's fragrances

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